Foot Reflexology

At Baliayu Spa Sanctuary, reflexology sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour. Our guest sits in a reclining chair placing the feet conveniently for the reflexologist’s work. The reflexologist use pressure, stretch and movement to work through the foot methodically.

Technique is applied to the whole foot. Sit back and relax. Or, ask for an on-going assessment of stress cues of the feet; education in the location of reflex areas of the feet or education in how to apply self reflexology techniques. Ask about research relevant to your health concern. You should feel relaxed at the end of a session. How long that relaxation lasts is a good indicator of the effectiveness of the session. Make note of this and tell your reflexologist your response to the session at the next session. This can be helpful information to the reflexologist.

Expect the reflexologist application of technique to be within your comfort zone- not too heavy and not too light but at a level within your personal preference. Communicate this preference to the reflexologist. Expect technique application to be “dry,” without the use of oil, cream or lotion. Use of these emollients constitutes a foot massage and not a reflexology session. Use of any tool or instrument is outside the professional scope of practice for a reflexologist.

Do not rely on a reflexologist for medical help. Our reflexologist is limited to complementing medicine not replacing it.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology:-

  • Reflexology creates relaxation
  • Reflexology reduces pain
  • Reflexology ameliorates health concerns
  • Reflexology improves blood flow
  • Reflexology aids post-operative recovery
  • Reflexology enhances medical care
  • Reflexology benefits mental health
  • Reflexology eases pregnancy, delivery and post-partum effects
  • Reflexology complements cancer care

How often should one receive Reflexology?

If the client is interested in an acceleration of their body’s healing process or is in an environment of much stress at work or home, frequent shorter sessions may be recommended. One to three times a week may be most beneficial for a period of time, then once a month for preventive maintenance