About Us

A Perfect Way to Seek a Better Place to Relax

While there is no apparent shortage of day spas and massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur, Baliayu Spa Sanctuary might well be the one standing tall above the rest. For one, it is the only Balinese spa in the city, and its long list of loyal, returning clientele speaks volumes about the owner’s core values of passion and proactive, positive attitude. Baliayu Spa Sanctuary was established in 2006 with a first outlet in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar. With growing popularity and returning clients attracting even more new ones, the company soon opened a second branch in the very trendy Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Balinese massage therapy specializes in detox and lymphatic treatments in addition to the muscle relaxation benefit of a general massage. Highly skilled masseuses use first rate aromatic essences combined with a top quality olive oil base to deliver a holistic health experience most clients will return for and rave to their friends about. Besides Bali aromatic oil massages, Baliayu Spa also offers traditional Thai, Shiatsu, four-hand massages as well as foot reflexology, body scrubs, facials, ear candling, pre- and post-natal treatments and many more.

Baliayu operates in the middle to high level market segment. The spa’s mission statement specifies a will to provide an elegant and comfortable environment to guests and to establish a service team that cares for the wellbeing of their guests

Constant innovation is another key aspect of Baliayu Spa Sanctuary’s success. Besides the readily available and very successful couple treatments, birthday and bridal packages, and their signature “Bali Fresh” treatment, the spa has recently added a very attractive corporate membership package. Companies buy a package deal that will provide eligible employees the opportunity to use the spa treatments at their leisure. With more innovations in store, Baliayu clients can look forward to new outlets to open around town soon, whether as wholly owned or maybe as franchised venues. Baliayu Spa Sanctuary means beautiful Balinese lady in the island’s native tongue. “And we provide much better treatments than you will find anywhere in Bali itself,”